Cusco Vibes offers two types of activities:

a) Language Exchange Night

b) 1-1 Ultimate Cultural Exchange

Language Exchange Night

On a bi-monthly basis we hold a language exchange night where members and non-members can meet and participate in language conversation in Spanish and English. The language exchange night lasts two hours and is made up of six sessions. Each session lasts 20 minutes with the first 10 minutes being dedicated to English practice and the second 10 minutes to Spanish practice. At the end of each session, participants change tables to meet and converse with a new partner. All sessions come with questions and cater for basic, intermediate and advance levels.

1-1 Ultimate Cultural Exchange

The 1-1 Ultimate Cultural Exchange are activities that are personally organized between a Spanish native speaker with an English, German or French native speaker. Using the results from the intake session, you will be matched with someone who has similar interests, hobbies and likes ensuring that you have a fun, engaging and dynamic experience.

Why 1-1?

We believe that 1-1 is the ultimate way to really improve your language skills and make memorable human connections. Our activities allow you to take a step outside of the classroom, and embark on an adventure to locations around Cusco that are unique and special. Each activity is designed according to your interests, language needs and personal requests. The activity has time dedicated solely to your language learning where you can focus on enhancing your conversation, listening, pronunciation, interpretation and written skills.

All of our activities are well organized and include: ice breaker questions; language exercises and/or role play and a quiz that is designed to improve your language skills and better your knowledge and understanding on the location you are visiting.

With 8 themes to choose from, we have a number of dynamic activities that you can participate in:

  • Bars and music
  • Culture and history
  • Giving back
  • Foodies

Not on our list? If there is an activity that you would like to do but is not listed here, let us know and we will make arrangements to make it happen!

  • The art of learning
  • Mind, body and health
  • The outdoors and sports
  • Work survival

Theme Descriptions

Bars and music

Cusco has an abundance of places to taste the finest of wines, artisanal beers and cocktails that of course include the local alcohol Pisco. This activity is perfect for anyone wanting to experience the best of Cusco's nightlife, listen to uplifting, traditional and cultural music and sample good wines, beers and cocktails! Feel the rhythm in every drop and watch your language skills flow!


For people who love the culinary experience, who want to improve their language skills, whilst tasting some of the best food, drinks and desserts in town. With your partner we will send you to some great local spots that as a tourist/traveler you wouldn't always know about.

The art of learning

Do you have a hobby that you love to practice and want to share with a partner? This activity combines the love for writing, reading, cooking, dancing, painting, doing crafts, taking part in discussions and sharing ideas; whilst practicing your chosen language. Depending on the activity you will also have the opportunity to visit the best coffee shops in town that are the perfect places for inspiring creativity and having dynamic conversation.

The outdoors and sports

Do you love the outdoors or breaking a sweat? Then put those running shoes on, as this is the activity for you! With your partner we will send you to a local venue or location to play and burn energy.  Activities include: bike riding, football (soccer), hiking, Muay Thai or yoga.

Culture and history

If you enjoy learning about Peruvian culture & history, wandering through the streets and appreciating local customs and traditions then this activity is for you. With your partner you can join a local tour, visit museums or local attractions and see traditional practices, whilst practicing your language communication skills.

Giving back

Are you interested in community work or participating in an activity that helps others, whilst working on your language skills?  Then this is for you! With your partner we will visit a dog refuge where you can provide them with love, food and take them for walks.

Mind, body and health

This activity is for those who want to get in touch with nature and their spiritual side. The energy in Cusco and natural resources that are available combined with traditional knowledge and artisanal practices are the perfect combination for learning more about being in balance with nature. If you enjoy these kinds of activities and want to practice your language skills then this is the one for you!

Work survival

This activity is perfect for anyone who needs to improve their language skills in the profession field. Learn key words, phrases and sayings for  work; create a professional CV, letter or email; and practice interview questions for that job interview or visa application.

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