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Unlock your journey


To unlock your journey please schedule your FREE intake session, which also includes a complimentary language conversation session in Spanish or English! The purpose of the intake session is to tell you more about Cusco Vibes, find out what your interests are and evaluate your practicing language (Spanish, English, French or German) to see what level you fall into. Based on the results we will pair you with someone who has similar interests and likes and is a good match linguistically. It is also a great time for you to ask us any questions you may have.

Intake sessions take place on weekends, however we can schedule them during the week as well.

Please contact us to book your session.


Depending on your desires and what works best for you, we offer participants member and non-member rates.



Expiry date

Membership (one time purchase)

S./ 20.-
(includes 2 free passes for Language Exchange Night)


Single activity

S./ 20.-


X3 activities package

S./ 50.-

Within 2 months of purchase date.

X5 activities package

(complete all 5 activities and receive the 6th for free!)

S./ 90.-

Within 3 months of purchase date.

X8 activities package

(complete all 8 activities and receive the 9th for free!)

S./ 150.-

Within 4 months of purchase date.

Language Exchange Night

S./ 10.-





1-1 activity

S./ 30.-

per activity

Language Exchange Night

S./ 15.-

per activity


Running late?

We all get held up or fall sick so please be sure to let us know 3 hours ahead of time so that we can advise your partner!

No one likes to be stood-up so please be sure to communicate with us. No shows will be charged the full activity.

How long are the activities?

Unless it is an activity based outside of Cusco or a hike, most activities will take between 2-4 hours.


At the end of each activity there will be a short feedback form to fill out. Your answers are highly important to us as they will assist us in improving the activities and your overall experience.

Have fun!

Remember the best way to learn a language is by trial and error! Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Relax and enjoy!

Please note that the membership and activity packages do not include expenses that you may consume during your activity (i.e food, drinks, rental of equipment etc.).

All rates are in SOLES -  Peruvian currency

For more information please contact us at:

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